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Images printing lower than preview

has anyone else experienced images being placed significantly lower on tanks than shown in the preview? 

Ive done a few direct prints of various designs, and every time they end up lower. I tried emailing and I’m going around in circles. 

I am just trying to figure out if it is something I did wrong, or if this is normal? The last time I put the image as far up as possible, and only printed it on a tank to be sure it wasn’t an issue with placement because of different types (shirts/tanks etc). The image still printed low, like under your chest low. Which looks quite awkward, especially on women. 

Any help is greatly appreciated! 


  • Anyone? I tried opening a case with Teespring after multiple failed attempts. Let’s just say that was less than satisfactory..
  • Kim AssawawongkasemKim Assawawongkasem Teespring Team
    Hey @Andy, I think this could be a bug. Could you please send the problematic URL to me? I will double check.
  • edited May 21
    Sent you a message @Kim Assawawongkasem
  • Anyone??? This is incredibly disappointing 
  • MEEEEE!  I'm seriously considering going with a different company.  I've retried my designs repeatedly, and they just snap into a weird position each time, looking really stupid.  I've tried and tried to get help, but no one answers.
  • Super annoying.. even worse I can’t get an answer 

    is it on tanks for you too?
  • Example 

  • Sai AekaSai Aeka Teespring Team
    Hello Andy,

    I am sorry that you are having this issue, I checked this listing and did not see any problem, however you can get a resolution in the form of refund or replacement if you write to support@teespring.com. Alternatively if this issue continues please email me at sai.sharanaka@teespring.com. We value your business and would do everything possible to set this right.
  • Thanks. They are reprinting.. hopefully the issue is resolved. I will let you know 
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Howdy, Stranger!

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