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Marketplace Stealing Sales?

I've finally got a campaign that is getting big traction.  I'm drawing huge traffic from Instagram.  I've placed a variable code inside of my instagram link to track the users.  According to my Teespring analytics, Instagram is getting credit for the traffic and the sale, but so is Marketplace.  Why is Marketplace still taking a cut if I generated the traffic?  Why would my Instagram get the sale credit and marketplace? Seems awfully shady and is making me want to turn it off.  Losing huge revenue.


  • Kim AssawawongkasemKim Assawawongkasem Teespring Team
    edited January 15
    Hi @Daniel it's not possible that our marketplace would charge an acquisition cost if it did not generate the sale. It's possible a buyer came to Teespring from your Instagram link and then used the search tool within the marketplace (for example) to purchase an item (which would then incur an acquisition cost). If you think this is an error you can contact [email protected] to report the issue. 
  • @Kim Assawawongkasem isn't that kinda BS though even if that was the case? I got the initial traffic to Teespring.  Even if they went and used "search" to see what other kind of variations of the shirt there were, I put got them to the website in the first place.  Seems silly to incur a cost just because they found my listing that I already directed them to.
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited September 2017
    Hey @Daniel Teespring offers free marketing services/toools and paid marketing services which you can opt-in to. In your analytics you can check your "Source of Units" to be sure where a sale came from.  If you make a sale as a direct result of traffic you've driven it would appear as "direct" within your analytics. You can learn more here. If you do not want to acquire additional sales through these services you can opt-out within your account settings - this way you will only get sales from the traffic you drive to your campaigns. 

    If you think the acquisition cost in this case is an error you can contact [email protected] to report it. 

    Free marketing services & tools

    • Direct: the sales you acquire by promoting your products via social media, email, etc.
    • Teespring basic retargeting: the sales you acquire thanks to our retargeting ads. Basic retargeting is a free Teespring service and can boost sales an extra 5-10% or more. 
    • Buyer message tool: the sales you acquire by messaging buyers through the buyer message tool in your Teespring dashboard.

    Paid marketing services

    • Teespring email marketing: the sales acquired through Teespring branded marketing emails which are periodically sent to our buyer database. If someone purchases one of your products, profits from the sale are split between you and the Creator who originally brought that customer to the platform. 
    • Teespring boosted retargeting: the sales acquired through amplified boosted retargeting. Opting in to boosted retargeting gets your products more valuable ad placement and can boost your sales even more than basic retargeting.
    • Teespring boosted product listing ads (PLAs): the sales you acquire through Teespring’s shopping ads in Google and other search engines. 
    • Teespring marketplace: the sales you acquire through Teespring Marketplace. Products featured in the marketplace can get millions of views per month. In fact, there are several sellers who currently acquire over 60% of their unit sales through Teespring Marketplace alone.
    • Teespring’s Boosted Network: Teespring has integrated with some of the most engaged marketplaces across the web to get your products in front of millions of shoppers across the globe. Learn more here
  • edited September 2017
    I've sent an email out yesterday with my list of concerns...but look at this, my analytics makes 0 sense. 

    Analytics dashboard lists 41 units sold on 9/25 (yesterday)

    Diving into the campaign and selecting Sept 25th as my result view (so I can see yesterdays numbers), I'm shown 24 unit sales (compared to 41 on the dashboard).  Thats a HUGE difference.  In the SOURCE OF UNITS, its displaying 34 units sold.  That's THREE different units sold variations for a single day.

    Scrolling down into product breakdown, I get a FOURTH variation of units sold at 40 units.

    Going into my mobile dashboard and clicking "yesterday" I'm shown a FIFTH variation of units sold at 27 units.

    These analytics are way off and near useless - I can't clearly track my paid social conversions to properly maximize my ROI.  That is why I'm not trusting the marketplace cut.  FIVE different locations state FIVE different sets of numbers for the exact same date.

    My analytics make even less sense when I look at the traffic sources.  There is so much overlap it's incredibly hard to understand what happened and the user behavior. 

    I really want to become a power user and hyper-scale this campaign but these analytics are BEYOND frustrating and I have to just hope I'm maximizing my paid ads on Facebook.

  • Here is a traffic example from Sept 24 / 25 / 26 for a single campaign...

    According to the top layer ANALYTICS - Over Sept 24-26 I received 73 units ordered at $499 profit.
    When I click into the campaign here is what I see first.

    It now says that only 54 (not 73) units were sold during this time period.  
    It says that only 27 units were driven by Teespring traffic (is this only organic, is that why?)
    The total number of units sold does not match the units sold at the top.
    According to this, Teespring should only get credit for 27 sales...right?
    Let's dive deeper.

    In the "GET VARIABLES", marketplace is taking credit for 52 units sold and a huge chunk of the "view" traffic.  The "view" and "UNITS" displayed does not match the traffic sources tab.  According to the traffic sources, we should be seeing Facebook with a majority of the views / conversions.  Right?  I understand that there may be some overlap in keys so the numbers won't equal the totals...but how the heck is marketplace getting credit for 52 units of the 56 I apparently drove from Facebook / Instagram.  That is a A LOT of money taken from my pocket that is being invested from FB ads.

    Lastly - we dive into the source of units, and Teespring Marketplace is claiming 51 units of sale.  Again, not making any sense into the user behavior.  Am I driving my traffic incorrectly?  My Facebook ads drive directly to the shirts.  My Instagram bio drives directly to my Teespring store.  Are ALL my users backing out of my product and using the search bar to see comparable offers then re-finding me?  How in the world is this possible?

  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey @Daniel - I'll let support get back to you via email on this. I know there are some analytics bugs (particularly when "same day" dates are selected). I'm going to copy this conversation and pass it to the tech team as they look at straightening out analytics issues. 
  • @Kate Shoaf still waiting on an answer from the technical team.  It's been a few days.  Any way you can check on an update?  I have my google analytics running now and it isn't matching what is being show on Teespring.  Still an abundant amount of market place cuts being taken when the traffic is coming directly from my advertising.
  • I turned off the Marketplace this morning, and somehow it is still stealing sales.  Still haven't heard back from anyone.  Is there a number I can call?
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited September 2017
    Hi @Daniel! Teespring Marketing does not "steal" sales, it's provides incremental sales you wouldn't have acquired otherwise. [email protected] is the only way to contact our seller support team, I'll ping them about this thread as well. 
    I checked your account and you have not opted out of Teespring Marketing on an account level. Keep in mind sales from GET sources like "M.facebook" can also be OUR retargeting / boosted retargeting ads for your products (not traffic you're driving). We are working on making analytics more straightforward to avoid this type of confusion.

    In the meantime, this where you can opt-out of all paid marketing services Teespring offers:

  • Hi @Kate Shoaf thanks for the comments.  I understand the purpose of the marketplace, my point is that according to the analytics, it is listing my ads as converting sales, but under products, it is listing that Teespring Marketplace is getting credit for the conversion, which in turn is taking a cut.  Either the analytics are broken, or a large portion of traffic I'm driving directly to my tshirts is clicking the search bar and seeing what other version of the shirt are available and then landing back on me via the marketplace.  Which, even if that is the case, it seems silly to have a cut taken when my paid ad drove the initial traffic source.

    I've setup google analytics a couple days ago, hopefully that will help alleviate some of the issues of understanding how my traffic is moving through the sales process. 

    I appreciate your time.  This is my first successful campaign and I am just trying to refine and maximize it the best I can.  But the analytics are difficult to study how people are funneling and how sales are happening.
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited October 2017
    Hey @Daniel -  I understand completely. There are some analytics issues we're aware of and hoping to address soon. I have collected examples like the ones you've mentioned above for our tech team to review. I think GA should help clarify where these sales are coming from and if you still notice things don't look quite right after comparing to GA please send me a message and I'll take a closer look. 
  • thanks @Kate Shoaf.  Still awaiting a response from the technical team as well.  It's been a week since I last received a response that it was forwarded.
  • @Kate Shoaf - Checking my morning stats. 
    My mobile dashboard says 1 product sold for $10.67
    My desktop Analytics for Oct 5th says 3 products sold for $23
    My desktop analytics with October 4th-5th (yetserday/today) says 2 products sold for $14
    My desktop products dashboard for today says 1 product sold with $22 profit.  For yesterday, 1 product sold, $3 profit.
    My desktop active says 1 product ordered, $11 profit
    My google analytics says goals completed yesterday = 4 (so 4 purchases)

    I mean...these stats aren't just a little broken, they are completely broken.  Literally nothing matches.  Am I the only one having this issue?

  • @Kate Shoaf - still no word from tech support.  Teespring analytics are incredibly crippling.  Especially when you compare them to the kind of metrics you can gauge on other competitors such as Shopify with a POD shirt service.  I enjoy Teespring, have made some decent cash, and want to make it work, but I don't understand why the metrics are so broken when you guys have been in business for a while now.  Running a shopify store with a POD shirt service gets more and more tempting every time I look at my terrible analytics.
  • I just had my first sale to a friend. I sent her the link via iMessage, but clearly I didn't send a personalized link to avoid paying $6+ in marketing costs to TeeSpring. I have scoured the help and my settings and cannot find a personalized link that I can use to market my own products. What am I missing?
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited January 9
    Hey @haqpak - if you sent her directly to the product page from Facebook (using a regular URL, ex. teespring.com/product-url) then there should be no CPO applied. Are you sure you did not send her the marketplace link by mistake (example you searched for your product on teespring.com and then sent that URL, ex. teespring.com/product-url/tsmc?=mrktplace)? If she made the purchase from a marketplace URL then it is possible the CPO was applied.  If you need further assistance with this please contact [email protected] 
  • Hey @haqpak - if you sent her directly to the product page from Facebook (using a regular URL, ex. teespring.com/product-url) then there should be no CPO applied. Are you sure you did not send her the marketplace link by mistake (example you searched for your product on teespring.com and then sent that URL, ex. teespring.com/product-url/tsmc?=mrktplace)? If she made the purchase from a marketplace URL then it is possible the CPO was applied.  If you need further assistance with this please contact [email protected] 
    I mean, it's true that Teespring source of units is either bugged or it's put to kind of take traffic. For example I also put shirt on certain sites, get people from there to buy it when they even confirm it and a lot of times it says teespring marketplace so that's why I turn it off on my newer campaigns. And the link I put on those websites is simply a direct link to t-shirt which then adjusts them to link-#pid=2&cid=2397&sid=front (which means I guess color of shirt, front side, type and etc... Definitely no marketplace in URL. And I don't think that it makes sense that these people come to exact link I got them to, and then put the shirt on search bar on top left and then come to that link because that would make no sense. On some shirts it even says through analytics that referrer where it was ordered from was certain forum and website, and then you go to source of units and it somehow says teespring marketplace acquired all sales on current campaign.

     I don't think many people come to Teespring frontpage and search through keywords for shirts, so I doubt Teespring pulls 20% percent of sales that way. I could believe that you guys can drive a lot of sales through e-mail marketing though considering how big email database you have and that you can easily target people by keywords, but I am not sure that many people come to teespring.com and then scroll through shirts through keywords.
  • Actually I realized that I've been linking links like teespring.com/SHOP/campaign-url instead of just teespring.com/campaign-url. Does that shop in between trigger teespring marketplace taking credit for sale?
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited January 16
    @underrated yes this could trigger the marketplace tracking URL. Please make sure to share the direct campaign URL (you can access it by clicking the campaign within your Teespring dashboard).
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