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  • Re: Can I give an administrator access to my account without access to my financial information?

    Hey @Babyboomer1206 - do you mean give someone your log-in credentials? If they log in they can see everything you see. Keep in mind you can create team members with certain roles within your account. 
  • Re: What is your best advice for new sellers?

    Hey, I put a story on Medium with all my tips for new sellers. It's at

  • Re: My website and Teespring

    Hey @Julia_Freeman1 We're excited to have you here! :)

    For the bulk order - are you based in the US or EU? I can hook you up with our Teespring Direct person. Keep in mind if you use the "regular" Teespring setup you won't have to deal with putting the money up front, delivery, etc. - we'll handle all of that for you and the customer will pay for their own order. 

    I have seen some sellers embed product photos on their site that, when clicked, direct the buyer to the Teespring platform - so the customer can place the order through Teespring. This is what I would recommend doing. 

    Let us know if you have more questions!
  • Re: How to insert hyperlinks with text in the campaign description?

    Hey @Beka222! You can add a hyperlink during campaign setup or go back and edit a campaign after launch. This is what the icon looks like - just highlight the word and click the button. Then you can paste a link.

  • Re: Design feedback

    @Jenny Althoff I saw your post to @MARVIN ESPINA in the other discussion. I think the design is good, but as Marvin suggested, this niche might not be passionate enough. 
  • Re: How do I set a campaign goal to 1?

    Hey @Jenny Althoff- the goal depends on the quality of your design you upload. If your design file's DPI is higher than 300 (for EU campaigns), and 120 (for US campaigns) then you can choose a goal of 1. Learn more about design files here and setting your campaign goal here
  • Re: Feature Request

    Ability to search and categorize our campaigns in stores by niche / interest.

    The problem: Customer visits a big store with a large selection of shirts. The store had many pages to navigate and gives up browsing because it's too time consuming.

    The Solution: Give stores a search box and the ability to organize our campaigns into different categories, so customers can navigate and find shirts of interest much easier.

    I'm sure I saw something being mentioned about this but it was referred to as " collections ".
    We need something close to a Shopify setup and having the ability to add categories to our stores will be advantageous all round.
    If you guys can get this added, it's going to be a game changer. There are a lot of sellers out there that won't and can't switch to Shopify, for reasons like payment gateway issues, good old laziness to handle support, maintain the site with add ons and the costs that go with them. That's where Teespring can take advantage. I'd say having the ability to organize our stores better and give the customer navigation options in the sidebar is a must. I predict lots of sellers are pointing their interests to building their brands and they're looking for a platform that can supply all the features that are standard in today's e-ccomerce stores but with less hassle and cost.

    Thank you!

    Gaz :smile:

Howdy, Stranger!

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!