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Campaign = Listing ?

I read about "Campaigns" everywhere in the Teespring Community and Tutorials, but the website does only talk about Listings. Are the two actually the same thing? And if not: Do I need to run campaign manually to unleash TSs full sales potential? And if so: How/Where can I do so?

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  • Chassity HernandezChassity Hernandez Teespring Team
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    So sorry about the trouble - a  "campaign" is our old term for a listing.  Now we refer to them as listings.  It's the same though - no worries!  :)


  • Does a listing mean that it is listed? Because it doesn't seem to.
  • edited October 17
    @Kevin from my experience: 'Listing' at Teespring means something that CAN be listed. It's a bundle of different products that belong together in that they share the same caption, description, tags and (most notably) design, and for which it therefore makes sense to be be searched for and showcased and promoted (i.e. listed) together.
    There are a number of reasons why a given Listing may not show up in .. lists, f.e. if it is inactive, or not part of a given Storefront, or not matching the last search algorithm criteria.
  • @Kevin ;

    A campaign was considered your online launched design, that you are marketing and promoting within a certain amount of time to reach a sales goal.

    Technically the idea is the same. Instead of calling the designs you launch campaigns, we now call them listings since we have new features. You're not really 'campaigning' for your designs to sell anymore. 

    The 'goal' is now an old feature (back when there was a minimum to print). Now you only have to sell 1 item and we will fulfill orders for you.

    The time frame is also now optional - you can show a timer on the listing to show a sense of 'urgency' in a sense to customers. However you can choose to hide it. 

    Listings created in the new launcher automatically have 3 day print cycles and automatically relaunch--so the product is 'always available' and orders are processed every 3 days. You can create limited edition listings too (with a set end date). Learn more here: https://community.teespring.com/answers/print-cycle-settings/
  • My question relates the use of the word "listing". If a product doesn't appear in search, then how can you say it is "listed"? 
  • The term 'listing' isn't referred to as an item launched and listed on the site for the market place.
    A Listing on Teespring would be considered your list or catalog in a sense of items to sell with your personal design on them.
    Being listed on the site requires building your trust score.
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