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Design Tool Error

Hello, new user here. I recently started my first campaign, everything worked perfectly.
When I tried to start my second campaign (Have some designs ready to go) I ran into an error. Whenever I upload an image as artwork one of two things happen.

1. The bar that says I am uploading my design quickly appears and then disappears, the image is then never uploaded.
(This seems to only happen with certain images)

2. The upload process is successful but then the image preview is blank. The uploaded image bar (the name of the file) seems to be a bunch of gibberish which does not correlate with the original file's save name. example: (R56AH89D)
(This happens to all and any images I upload as artwork) - I also tested to see if it is the files I uploaded so I tried a bunch of random images to no avail.

I have been browsing around to see if I can find any other people with the same problem, but I couldn't.
I also cleared my browser cache. I also know it is not a hardware issue as I tried it on 2 different devices with the same result.
Strangely, my partner's account seems to be working fine, she has not run into any similar issues. She also uses one of the aforementioned devices.

Browser: Firefox

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


  • Teespring, your customer service is equivalent to a crippled snail...
  • @Sheldon_Menezes

     That may be due to the internet browser you are using.  For some reason, our designer is not very compatible with Internet Explorer , Edge  or even Safari or Firefox

    We do recommend clearing your cache and cookies and switching over to Google Chrome. We also recommend not using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet as our website is not yet very compatible with mobile devices.   You should not experience any further issues if you switch and clear that out.  I am very sorry again for this inconvenience. 

    For faster support you are more than welcome to email [email protected] or even live chat :)

    That little pink bubble at the bottom right of your page when you are on your dashboard screen is where you can live chat a seller support agent. 

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Howdy, Stranger!

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!