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Am I Doing Something Wrong? Teespring + Facebook.

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So I have a Teespring campaign and I have a Facebook page with 130,000 followers. 

On my page, I posted my campaign and got 3 organic sales (2 shirts and 1 mug). As a result, I decided to pay $10 for a boost on my post for engagement and I targeted women ages 20-34 with an interest in pogona which is a term for a Bearded Dragon (a pet reptile). 

After $9 so far, I reached around 3,759 people and had around 359 post engagements and 17 link clinks, but I only generated a profit of $5 (on mug was purchased). Between the organic reach and the ads, I have total reach around 11,840, 366 likes, 152 shares, 30 comments, but I have only sold around 4 products total.

Long story short, I have made around $25, but spent $10 on ads so around $15.

What am I doing wrong? 

Is it the design?
The niche?
The ad targeting?

Every time I post something, it has great engagement, but very little conversions. 


  • So after everything was accounted for you made $5 profit?

    Why did you stop spending? If you are making more money than you spend; keep spending. It's that simple. There are lots of ways to increase different KPI (key performance indicators), but don't complicate things when you have a winning campaign.
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    I made around $25 organic (before I boosted the post). 

    I boosted the post for $10 and 24 hours.

    During the duration of the boosted post, I made one sale (a mug). 

    So after boosting $10, I made $5 of it back.

    I made more money from my organic reach than I did with my paid reach. I never have good paid results even though the engagement is good. 

    If you ignore the organic sales, then I put in $10 in and made $5 of it back.

  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    How's your relevance score? Have you checked the KPIs listed here?
  • edited July 16

    Facebook Ads is not that simple. You can't just boost a post and have sales. You have to laser target (it's more than age or interests) and test MANY Ad Sets and MANY ad copies before you find a winning one and scale it up.
    Fortunately, you can test many versions of the same ad (different age brackets, location, interests, education...etc) within the same campaign and compare which one performed the best. 

    I recommend reading and watching many Facebook Ads related content before you start a campaign. Don't just start a campaign, wait until you feel expert enough. Untill then, work on ranking on Teespring's own marketplace. You still can have organic sales without any Facebook Ads. 
  • Kim AssawawongkasemKim Assawawongkasem Teespring Team
    Thank you for the recommendation @Naoufel Tarchoul
  • Good day, 
    I have been designing and posting ,but it seems am not doing anything, no message , no sales , no signs that someone has viewed my designs, so I want to know i am on the right track or am missing something I should have done before posting 
  • Chassity HernandezChassity Hernandez Teespring Team
    edited July 24
    @Justin ;

    You can also do some research on using Twitter or Instagram:



    Also, between Teespring Marketing and our Boosted Network Teespring can help you drive more sales :)


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