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New to Teespring, have a question

I'm brand-new to Teespring (33 products and adding) and absolutely love the concept. I have a question about my storefront and I have searched high and low for the answer before I finally decided to approach the forum.

Is it possible to change the header/banner image on my storefront? I mean, the one I started with is acceptable, however, now that I'm "establishing" myself, I want to change to something that says "hey, it's me" without having to actually say that.

I'm probably overlooking it (just as a I did a blatant typo on a tee shirt) but I cannot figure it out.

Thank you!!


  • Kim AssawawongkasemKim Assawawongkasem Teespring Team
    Hi @Ron Cowart, Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Teespring family. Teespring storefront allows you to customize the standard features such banner, logo, link or etc. You can go to the editing storefront on the left side and you will find all tools for customization. Here are some resources you can check for further information.

  • Kim Assawawongkasem thank you for the reply.

    Your menu looks different from mine. For instance, I have looked under EVERY header and I have yet to see "Editing Storefront" until you posted the screenshot. Here is what mine looks like.

  • Well, I'm beginning to feel the frustration of others, regarding Teesprings response (or lack thereof), whose various threads I've read here on the forum.

    I sent in a pretty minor, albeit important to me, support request, a little over a week ago. Truly, it was something that could have been answered in one, perhaps two sentences. I've received nata; nothing.

    And now, thanks to Kim Assawawongkasem and others who apparently share a similar plight, I've learned that my Teespring menu, even though I'm logged in, is totally different from an apparent majority of others, who enjoy more options in building and promoting their storefronts.

    Is Teespring still considered a "beta project?" I mean, I admittedly just came across it several weeks ago and read through what the site offers, etc. and all seemed pretty good and established.

    Right now, I have in the neighborhood of fifty designs that I was planning on adding to my Laginappe Productions storefront. However, I'm beginning to wonder if I should. I just submitted my first request for a payout (I was going to wait until I had sold thirty items before doing so, however, elected to go with 23 to see if there are any issues with response on that end), to help me determine if Teespring is with me, for the "long haul."

    ALL suggestions, criticisms, advice, observations and experiences are welcomed.

    Thank you.

  • Kim AssawawongkasemKim Assawawongkasem Teespring Team
    Hey @Ron Cowart, Sorry if the above screenshot caused you any confusions. My screenshot provided above is not the main menu on Teespring dashboard. It is the menu on the edit page after clicking "Edit Store"
    You can learn more from this video tutorial on how to setup and customize your storefronts. >>
  • Hi Kim Assawawongkasem  and again, thank you for the reply.

    *DUH* is me. That and the fact that I was wrong is about all I can say. :neutral:  I NEVER saw that "edit button" until which time you pointed it out to me.

    Thank you, thank you! :smile:
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Howdy, Stranger!

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!