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My art was stolen and placed on teespring

edited February 19 in Discussion

I’m having trouble getting TeeSpring to respond to my copyright issues. So I decided to start logging my issues here, in the hopes that TeeSpring would start responding.

Currently, my designs are being stolen from my Amazon listings, and simply copied to TeeSpring. The guy has not changed anything on my designs. He doesn’t even seem to know how to copy and paste very well. Because the quality is all messed up on the TeeSpring products.

There are about 15 offending TeeSpring product URL’s at this time.

TeeSpring has already taken action one time, and removed the offending content. But the copycat simply posted more designs 24 hours later.

So let’s start the log:



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    CAPTAIN'S LOG: Feb 13, 2018

    I filled out the TeeSpring claim form here:


    Last time I filled out this form, they did take action. But only after I emailed these people:

    There are many MANY problems with this form.

    ·         First, what does “Campaign URL” mean?

    ·         Second, how does “URL containing your work/mark [please submit separate claims for your other works]” work? There are dozens of URLs on TeeSpring containing my image (copied again and again and again). Am I supposed to fill out this form for every URL?

    ·         Third, the verification after the form is submitted is extraneously small. Unless you’re really paying attention, you won’t even know the form has been processed. This is a bad user interface mistake.

    CAPTAIN'S LOG: Feb 14, 2018

    No word from TeeSpring

  • CAPTAIN'S LOG: Feb 15, 2018

    No word from TeeSpring.

    I created this forum thread.

  • Check your designs also at pro.teechip.com. You can sure this bastards uploaded them there too.
  • Yes it is all over teechip.com too.  Thank you.


    Is TeeChip owned by TeeSpring...?
  • No. Teechip and scalablepress.com  is the same
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited February 16
    Hey @BobBowser. Please contact [email protected] directly. There is no need to add legal or any other team member...this can actually prolong getting a resolution. IP handles these requests, no one else can. 

    Our IP team should respond within 24 - 48 working hours. You can learn about the latest changes we've made to our IP policy and protocol here. We are also planning to release more updates that will prevent problematic sellers from accessing the site in the future. Until then please continue reporting content using the form. 

    If you prefer a faster way to report copycats, I would recommend creating a Teespring seller account and adding your content to teespring.com. This way, you will be able to contact [email protected] directly to report copycats (all you'll need to do is provide your original campaign URL and then paste any copycat URLS) and we will be able to offer more design protection in the future once new features are released. 


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    CAPTAIN'S LOG: DAY 8: Feb 16, 2018

    Still no word from TeeSpring.
  • Thanks Kate Shoaf 
    Today I will contact [email protected] for the 5th time.
    I will include a link to this forum thread this time. Maybe they will respond.
    Let's all pray.

  • Ok [email protected] has just replied to me:

    “Hello, We have received your request, and our Trust & Safety team is investigating your inquiry.  If you have not included the email address associated with your Teespring account as well as the name of the campaign in question, please reply to your original email and do so. We are unable to respond to emails that are missing such information.”

    1. I don’t have a TeeSpring account. Do they want my Teespring forum login email address?
    2. I don’t know what the “name of the campaign” of the thief is. Is the “name of the campaign” available on the product pitch page URL?
    3. And what does this mean, “please reply to your original email and do so” – Do they want me to reply to myself?

    I’m a programmer and a professional web developer. But I haven’t seen incompetence at this level in a long time.

    I pray for death's sweet release.

  • ============================================
    CAPTAIN'S LOG: DAY 9: Feb 17, 2018

    Still no word from TeeSpring.

    To people who will come to this thread in the future, I don't think that their claims form actually works

    Because, whenever I fill that form out, nothing happens. When I email [email protected] they do sometimes respond. But it seems to be a form email.

    Oh well. My mother always said life would be hard. But the pain is unbearable. 

    I hope that TeeSpring will eventually contact me.
    I hope that TeeSpring will one day remove the guy who copied and pasted my art from Amazon.
    I hope that he can be my friend, and shake my hand.
    I hope.

  • Wait one or two weeks. I reported a lot of campaigns and they removed it all. Not in 48 hours, but unlike teechip, all are deleted and so far they have not reappeared..
  • Unfortunately, mine all immediately re-appeared.
  • ============================================
    CAPTAIN'S LOG: DAY 10: Feb 18, 2018

    No word from TeeSpring
  • Bob I feel your pain. Got a guy selling my design with my logo still in the design, and can't get teespring to respond. Their campaign ends in 2 hours and they've sold quite a bit. Teespring is allowing someone to steal money from me tonight.
  • Dear @BobBowser, could you please provide these information as followings : 
    1. Your Teespring login email
    2. URLs to original campaigns/stores
    3. URLs to copycat campaigns/stores (listed on Teespring and/or Boosted Network)
    And send via email to [email protected] 
    Or read more about our new plan to kill copycat designs here >> https://community.teespring.com/blog/teespring-ip-update-jan-2018/
  • ok.

    I just sent the email
  • Well, unfortunately, after emailing [email protected] as instructed above, I received this message an hour later:

    I'm not sure what this error message means...

    "Leave failed, not a member."

    What is a leave?
    What is not a member?

    I used the email address that I use to login to the Teespring.com forum.

    Was this not correct.

    Oh well. Anyone have any other great ideas?

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

  • Dear @BobBowser, I have just tried to make a test by sending out an email to [email protected] and it works perfectly. The above instruction is recommended in our official blog post and so far it is the best way to report the copycat campaigns at the moment. Regarding the error message you got, I am afraid that there must be some technical error from your end. If you believe that the [email protected] is not working properly, please send your information to me instead via email [email protected] and I will try to help you out.

  • edited February 19
    CAPTAIN'S LOG: DAY 11: Feb 19, 2018

    My email address is just a regular Gmail email. Nothing interesting about it.

    Ok I just sent the same email to [email protected] again

    But I did already email you 6 days ago and you never wrote back.

  • edited February 19
    Bingo! I do have some good news!
    I did finally realize why [email protected] send this error message last time:

    So, if a user emails [email protected] but this user puts the word "remove" in the SUBJECT LINE of the email, then the teespring.com server will ignore the email content, and will simply execute some sort of process. (The word "remove" appears to be a RESERVED WORD for the TeeSpring.com email server. It is probably attempting to run an "unsubscribe" function...

    So, in the future, when you tell people to: "send an email to [email protected] to remove the copycat designs" you must be sure to also tell them that:
    "Although you wish to remove copycat art from our website, please DO NOT actually use the word "remove" in the subject line of your email. Because if you do, then our email server will reject your email, and we will not receive it."

    Good to know.

    Just one more thing to learn in this Sisyphean task that is this escapade.

    As Camus so elegantly wrote "Il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux."

  • Kim AssawawongkasemKim Assawawongkasem Teespring Team
    edited February 19
    @Bobbowser, Thanks for the update. On another note, I have received your email last week in a different email account and it has been forwarded to IP team right away without your notification as it is our internal email loop. Btw, I will try to follow up again with the IP team asap. Sorry and thanks for your patience.
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey @BobBowser I've forwarded this feedback regarding the email subject line to tech for investigation.
  • ============================================
    CAPTAIN'S LOG: DAY 12: Feb 20, 2018

    Still no response from TeeSpring.

    You know, when Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope. Yet we know that winter is just another step in the cycle of life."

  • Well here's some good news.

    I think a human emailed me from TeeSpring. He said:

    "Hi there! We are currently taking action and will confirm the completion of the review within 24-48 Business hours. Thank you again for taking the time to report.  Please let us know if there's more we can do to help"

    But, I don't really see the point of this email. Because he's not really adding anything to the discussion. All the illegal links are still online.

    But I guess it's nice of him to say, "Hi there." Though i'm not sure if this is a human or an auto-response.

    Oh well. The drudgery continues. My life has been transmogrified into a mere simulacrum of my former self. I exist only to perform this Fool's errand. And my brain has been subject to defenestration, along with the locus of my soul. But, as Sam Harris wrote:

    "Even when everything has gone as well as it can go, the search for happiness continues, the effort required to keep doubt and dissatisfaction and boredom at bay continues, moment to moment. If nothing else, the reality of death and the experience of losing loved ones punctures even the most gratifying and well-ordered life."

  • edited March 12
    Happy Days are here again ! ! !

    It took 12 days, but i'm happy to report that the stolen products have been deleted from TeeSpring.com !


    I must say, this is the greatest day of my life. After 40 years of wandering in the desert, Moses died within sight of the Promised Land on Mount Nebo. I can relate to his suffering. But I am happy to say that, I have indeed reached the Promised Land!

    I would like to thank every one who helped me in this Herculean task. 

    It's been a pleasure talking to you all.

    I've got to go to bed now. But, most likely, I'll be back tomorrow--when the thief puts all my art back online again at TeeSpring.com. Oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles. But as the Buddhists say:
    "After enlightenment, the laundry."

    C'est la vie.

  • edited February 21
    CAPTAIN'S LOG: DAY 13: Feb 21, 2018

    A dark cloud has once again fallen over our land. For the copycatter is back.

    Well, it took him about 13 hours, but he has started posting my stolen art again. (He must have been making a lot of money on this t-shirt because damn... this guy is persistent and quite avaricious.)

    This time I tried to take even more action in attempt to gather my vanguard:
    1. I created my own teespring product for sale, (using the image he stole)
    2. I clicked the "Report this campaign" link on his pitch page (with my stolen content)
    3. And i sent an email to [email protected]
    Perhaps one of these actions will encourage teespring to delete the thief quickly. For my growing misanthropy is difficult to bear. And I fear they may be Gaslighting me.

    We all knew  the happy days could not last forever.  Apparently, our provocateur was not edified by the last bit of censure. But, as David Deida wrote, "Every moment of your life is either a test or a celebration."

    But ye, my halcyon days of yore are gone again.

    And like so many commanders before me, I long for yesteryear, and await the dawn.

  • I am happy to report that our thief has been taken down a third time.

    This time around, my request was fulfilled in 24 hours!
    Perhaps this thread has helped? Or perhaps the lessons learned in this thread are pivotal as well.

    I shall monitor the situation and report back post haste.

    I remain hopeful.

    Because, well damn, if you can't go to TeeSpring where the hell could you go?

  • ============================================
    CAPTAIN'S LOG:  March 7, 2018

    Welp, the theif is back for the 4th time.

    Time to email [email protected] again

    let's all pray.

  • ============================================
    CAPTAIN'S LOG:  March 9, 2018

    Well I emailed [email protected] my links to get the shirt theif's pages removed.

    It worked last time.

    But this time they wrote back and said:

    "Thanks for writing in. We're so sorry to hear this. Please file an IP claim so that our team can begin addressing this matter for you. To proceed, you can file the claim here: https://teespring.com/policies/ip/claims/new. I hope that helps. If you have any other questions or concerns just let us know."

    So it appears that direct emailing to the [email protected] is only possible sometimes.

    So i guess i will go through the task of filling out the form yet again at:


    It's unfortunate that the website will not save my form data from the previous time. This would be a major time saver. As things stand now, I have to fill this form out every single time.

    I fear that my life has become a cruel joke. And that God is laughing at us. But so be it. As the German Renaissance master Albrecht Dürer noted in his masterpiece "Melencolia I", someday a large planet will collide with earth. And we will all be dead anyway.

  • Happy days are here once again.

    I am happy to report that TeeSpring has once again removed the violating party.

    Let us rejoice and give thanks, for the gods have smiled upon us all. Most likely, i'll see you all again in a few days, when the guy reposts my art again.

    But for now, let us all learn a lesson about perseverance and sticktoitiveness. Because, I don't care how tough you think you are, NOTHING hits harder than life.

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