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Accessing saved designs

How can I access saved designs? Is it possible to do before starting a campaign? I am logged in and it's saying 'SAVED' when I click 'save item' but I don't know where to find it. 


  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey @SarahBee - when you click "Load Settings From" it should add your saved design. I've just tested the feature now and it seems there might be an issue—I'll look into it for you!
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey @SarahBee! I asked tech team to take a look at this and it seems to be working properly. If you're still experiencing issues please contact [email protected] This is where you can access saved designs. Hope this helps! 

  • Thanks so much, it's there now!
  • Interesting though....it doesn't actually bring up the saved design. It only brings up the shirt that was selected to use for that design.  Bummer.  I don't really see the point, or maybe it's supposed to bring up the actual saved design and is just not working properly.
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    @SarahBee hmm it should be bringing up the design too. Can you shoot an email to [email protected] and report this bug for further investigation? Thanks!
  • I just signed up today, saved a couple designs, and now I can't find them anywhere. I don't even have a "load settings from" option.
  • I'm in the same boat

  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey guys - I'm asking the tech team to take another look at this. I'll update this thread once it's resolved. Thanks!
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey everyone! Just chatted with the tech team. So we're talking about two features here: 
    1. Save option - this allows you to save your campaign as a draft, which you can then access, edit and launch from within the "products" section of your Teesrping account.
    2. Load settings from - this allows you to load the settings from a previous campaign (product selection, color options, prices, etc) and then you can upload a new design. 

    If you want to reuse a design - you should duplicate the campaign (which you can do within the "products" section of your account). If you need to edit the products/pricing for the duplicate campaign you can reach out to [email protected] with your request. Hope that helps - sorry for the confusion!
  • My issue was that I created a couple things, saved them as drafts,  and they seem to have disappeared. There is nothing in my products section.
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey @Jess_B - I checked your account, you've got to select drafts from the drop down menu to view them. I'll add some instructions to our FAQ site with info on this! 
  • Got it! Thanks @Kate Shoaf. I didn't even see those options at the bottom.
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Here's the post ;) any more questions just let us know! 
  • The same issue for me. I created several different shirts, clicked the "save" button and they are not there. The only ones that show up in the drafts section are the ones where I actually went through all 3 steps (create, add products, add a description). The save option shouldn't be there if it doesn't work.
  • Also, I keep getting this error:
    "Sorry, we are unable to save your design. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact your customer support and mention the following error."
    Additionally, there is no "load from settings" option at the top nor any info on just saving the design as opposed to the entire campaign 
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hmm this sounds like a bug. Can you report it to [email protected] please?
  • I would like to use a few designs i did for tee, also as a canvas or pillar. Is there a way to transfer tee images i made from site (not downloaded) to more things like pillows, etc.

    I tried several things but it keeps telling me the resolutionis too low and i end of shrinking it way to small. Please help.
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    @KimThomas I'm afraid the design tool isn't available for new products right now. You may be able to see if seller support can add the product for you in the backend, but I'm not sure if that's possible.
  • I'm not sure why my previous comment wasn't shown. Anyway, please help me, for I have the same situation as the users above, although I received the message that my design was saved, I can't find it on my dashboard, nor I have the option shown above on the PrtSc.
  • HaritzHaritz Teespring Team
    Hi @leasimonbrand Make sure you filter your campaigns as below - change the filter from Active to Draft 
  • HaritzHaritz Teespring Team
    @leasimonbrand Let me know if this doesn't work :-)
  • edited September 2017
    Hi, I'm having the same problem. I saved about 30+ designs.  I followed the instructions above but only the last design I saved is showing up.  All the rest are missing!!
  • Hi, I have several, perhaps related, issues. The first one is that I cannot access my drafts. I see the button but when I click on it nothing happens. I can click on other items on the page and get an action. Also, on some of the pages it says I am unauthorized to access the page. And the last problem is I cannot access the area that allows me to chose models for my shirts.
  • I have a problem where I managed to access the design but now I am not able to save it or copy it to the back/other side of the item I want to put the design on to make it appear on both sides. 
  • Why is this still being ignored? I'm having the same problem... it only shows the last saved design
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey guys - apologies for the delayed response. Please report any tech issues/bugs to [email protected] and they'll notify our tech team to take a look. 
  • I just saved a design and can't access it at all.
  • Same here.  No idea where it went.

  • Im having the same issues as everyone else ON TOP of when trying to load up Tee's I DID save..the logo will disappear and create a blank Tee with same color shirt.  Whats going on?
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