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Has Teespring TAKEN My Design?


When I first uploaded a design to Teespring I ended the campaign early and removed it. But for some reason my design is still being sold here on Teespring - not only that, it's marked as a verified best seller.

I have no control over it, I'm not seeing ANY sales info on it at all, nor am I seeing any money the 'Verified Best Selling' design is making. I'm sure there is some slight error, as you can imagine I should have full control over my designs and see the details of how much revenue it is making.

The product link is https://teespring.com/shop/san-andreas-4-life#pid=212&cid=5820&sid=front
Campaign name is:  san-andreas-4-life

The store they belong to is https://teespring.com/stores/roley

I would like the control of the design put back under my account and access to the records of sale. As this has lasted several days without a reply from my support emails I would like this case escalated. 

Hoping this is swiftly resolved


  • Roley , I understand that your campaign might be copied by another seller. Because this campaign https://teespring.com/shop/san-andreas-4-life#pid=212&cid=5820&sid=front is from a different account. In this case, could you please report the copycat campaign to IP team by click "Report this campaign" and they will investigate further or take it down if necessary. 

    For the original campaign, it is still running under your account which means you are definitely able to control the design and access to the records of sale. 
  • Hi Kim, I reported this to the IP team on Wednesday 8th November but I have received no response and the campaign is still active.  Are you able to tell me how long the stolen design has been running for?
  • Hi @Roley, the copycat was actually after your launch for a few days. So far it has no sale and I am contacting IP directly for the suspension.
  • Hi Kim, thanks. Do you know how it had the best selling logo on the campaign?
  • Hi @Roley, in order to put an image or logo in the campaign description, it is important to have your own server and put the picture link there. Otherwise, you can try using free image hosting site such as imgur.com. To learn how to put images on campaign description, please read this blog
  • Hi Kim,
    I was just asking about the logo thing because that campaign said it was best selling. I now realise from what you say that it was something they had done to con people.

    The campaign has now been removed, thank you for all your help.
  • hi kim, I have the same issue except I have never sold any of my designs on this platform but there are many, many stolen designs featured here, I'd like someone to respond to my emails and get these designs removed
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited November 2017
    Hey @cabinsupplyco_2015 - the fastest way to get these removed is to file an IP claim through our IP department: https://community.teespring.com/answers/filing-an-intellectual-property-claim/ if you need additional assistance regarding intellectual property you can also reach out to [email protected] 
  • @Kate Shoaf hi kate, thanks for the response. I have actually filed numerous IP claim forms and sent an email but have never has a response. @Kim Assawawongkasem is now looking into this matter for me, which is much appreciated as there are so many of my stolen designs featured on your website I can't actually file that many forms, I think I stopped at around 30 as I wasn't receiving any replies
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