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campaigns / storefront promotion strategy - need advice


I'm new to teespring, planning my first campaigns, and I would like to know your recommendations for my situation:

I have a certain number of designs, which will result in the creation of 100+ products on teespring. The different designs have similarities, they should appeal to the same niche.

All the campaigns will be used to share profit with one specific charity.

I could not find an answer to the questions below in the training center.


1. Is it better to group 15 different products with the same design in a campaign, or to use one type of product with different designs per campaign?
i.e. which of these is the better:
  • a campaign with one tee shirt, a tank top, leggings and a hoodie with the same design - in different colors
  • or a campaign with only tee shirt, offering three different (but related) designs - in different colors

2. Is it better to promote the storefront or the campaigns on social media?

3. Is it a good idea to launch a first small set of designs first, then to keep adding new products / designs every other day or so?

4. If so, it it better to add the new creations to an existing campaign, or to create new campaigns?

Thanks very much for sharing your insights about this :)


  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey @Mehdi El Fadil

    1. The more product and color options you offer in a campaign the better. Also, we recommend focusing on one design or design theme per campaign. You wouldn't have a 'tattoo grandma" and "soccer mom" design in the same campaign would you? The buyer could get confused. This goes for stores as well. Group store products that are related. 

    2. People convert better on campaigns on social ads - because it is the product design that catches their attention most often.

    3. Keep in mind campaigns are ranked based on sales history in Teespring marketplace for example, so adding new products to successful campaigns is a good idea if (and only if) they are related to the original design. Ex. you have a successful campaign and now you want to add tote bags to see if past buyers might be interested in the same design on a new product. Otherwise, make a new campaign for different design themes. 
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Howdy, Stranger!

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!