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Linking Stores to your websites

Hey, Can anyone help me find out the best way to link my storefronts to my website, to make it more accessible to my followers? I build my websites on Weebly. Any tips or advice from anyone would be wonderful!
Thank you!


  • Hi, @DieselDoll12. I am not sure if we can provide the integrations. By the way, let me check with team and I will keep you posted. Can you please send your store URL to my e-mail [email protected]
  • I'm interested also! I'm using a WordPress website of my own and would like to know how BEST to link products on Teespring with my own website. I'm currently playing around with it and may have something that works but would like your feedback. Also, is there an easy way to get the photo of my designed product so I can then add it to the product page on my website along with the link to the Teespring product?

  • Hey @DieselDoll12, @BLF, Sorry for the delay of reply. After checking with our tech team, you can purchase your own custom URL from any domain providers and then request us for integrating with your Teespring storefront. ( One URL per one store ) After it is linked, your own website will look like this: http://boutique.lebarmanvousdeteste.fr/stores/boutique-lbvd 
    At the moment, we are not providing any application that allows you to plug in Teespring campaigns into your current website.
  • One way i have found to get high res photos of my products is to right click and view image or copy link source and paste into a new tab. Then where you see the pixle size in the url, just change both to like 9000x9000, and it will give you the highest image available. 
  • Hey @L.w. House, Thanks for sharing the tips!
  • What is the cost for purchasing the ustom URL and what options do we have to customize the page?

  • Hi Kim, 
    What is the fee for teespring integration with the newly purchased URL?
  • edited February 10

    @Kim Assawawongkasem the example site you've provided has switched their business over to Spreadshirt. is there a better example that can be given?

  • @Kim Assawawongkasem If the store linking is not a valid option perhaps it would be best to just acknowledge that point rather than ignore those of us who are trying to do so?

  • Hi 
    Zero cost from Teespring's yet. Your account manager can help you in this regard. To purchase a custom URL means purchasing a domain name. It depends on the network you are using to purchase this. Namecheap, Godaddy etc can help you purchase a brand-able domain name.

    There is no cost from Teespring's end. 

    @James E Hamilton
    To get a real store you are looking for you in Teespring you need to reach us privately. We cannot expose a top selling store here in public place. 

    It's a valid option and we are not allowing everyone to have this option roll in. But for public use, we have a good news coming on its way. Till then, stay tuned! 

  • Zafar Hossain Zafi  Thank you so much for the response. I guess the next question would be is there any way to get an idea of what the integration would look like available? A mock site or something?
  • Hi 
    I have three question 
    1-how to put my creation of teespring on my page facebook
    2-how to create my url because when i put it on google analytic or even on the facebook when it says "put your url website"my url dont work 
    3-how to post your product on website i am using wix and also set the price

  • Zafar Hossain ZafiZafar Hossain Zafi Teespring Team
    Hi @Nouraboutique12
    I assume you are taking URL from the browser's address bar. Before this, you have to visit the particular campaigns. Once you are able to recognise your desired campaign URL/Link, it will serve the purpose of your 3 questions. 

  • hum, so Spreadshirt a competitor has a plugin to WordPress that is outstanding. What is plans to compete at this level?

  • Absolutely none from what I've seen thus far which  has caused me to seek other options as well. 
  • I did install a Wordpress plugin called redirection or redirect. I can get a user to the store from my blog page, but they leave my site. 

  • I've ended up focusing on other POD suppliers personally rather than beg for a solution to an obvious need that seems to be ignored. I have found the integrations to be a learning process but at least they're available 
  • I am leaning towards other solutions. I like the product picker here. On Spreadshirt, I have to adjust every design on every garment. I am not limited to three nor five colors. I need to do a profit calculator. I just joined TS yesterday, so I am very new and impressionable. 
  • I looked at SpreadShirt and the thing that sucks about them is you can't have 2 different designs on front and back. Their WP plugin is great but their products seem more expensive making for a smaller profit margin. The SpreadShirt website is way easier to navigate and you can actually have categories.

    Teesrping lets you have a different design on front and back, they seem a little less expensive and they have a good network BUT WHY OH WHY no WP plugin. They're located in San Francisco the hub of tech for Gods sake! The Teespring site is awful to navigate the UX is sad and you can't even create categories. 

    Heres to hoping they solve this before I check out CafePress. 
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