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EPS file upload error

edited July 2017 in Discussion
Hi TeeSpring friends,

when ever I try to upload an .eps file I get an upload error that reads as follows:
"Upload error
An unknown error occurred with your upload. Our support staff have been notified. Please try again."

So I thought it was a problem with my file or with Inkscape exporting such kind of files, so I tried to upload a sample .eps file from the web and I get the same error. 

Is this a known issue, is it a bug in teespring upload functionality? Or is it browser issue? What can I do to propagate this issue so an engineer in teespring can look in to it? Even though the error says a support staff have been notified, they didn't get back to me in weeks now.

Stay strong & Peace out,

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    Hi @Haritz
    Thank you for your effort to try to solve it. In my question I was asking about *.eps files because it is the recommended approach as per these two teespring documentations:


    Now since it was mentioned as best practice in the above two links, I thought it was supported by teespring. However after it failed to upload I went ahead and tried .png and the .png worked fine. So I knew that .png works fine it is just I was experimenting with vector images in .eps file and I thought .eps should work.

    Thanks for helping me but don't forget update the two pages I mentioned above and remove eps from the mention because what you support is .png in 300dpi and not .eps.

    Stay Strong,


  • @Kate Shoaf 
    could you please take a look at this defect?

    Thank you.
  • HaritzHaritz Teespring Team
    Hi Zola, I'm sorry to hear that this issue is unresolved. @Zola Can you please tell me if this error appears when adding homeware in the new launcher? or does it happen when launching a T-Shirt campaign?
  • hi @Haritz
    I got this error when I'm in the design page trying to upload a T-shirt design in https://teespring.com/designs/58f8ed/edit?default_product_group=1#!/v2/0/design

    On the top left side there is "text" tab and "art" tab. Click on the "art" tab and it gives you a red button that reads "Upload your own". Click that button and upload your *.eps file and the page processes the file and fails with the error that I gave you in my first post.

    I'm using chrome browser Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit), in OS X Yosemite operating system version 10.10.5.

    Let me know if you need more information. 

    Thanks brother,
  • HaritzHaritz Teespring Team
    Thanks @Zola Let's try the following:
    1. Fully vectorised all the artwork. Part of your artwork may be PNG or not vector as your artwork may contain transparencies or colour gradients. See below an example.

    2. If you are having issues with specific designs like this, then use PNG files. PNG files will work perfectly with gradients or transparencies if the resolution is over 300dpi
  • Hi @Haritz
    can you send me a sample "fully vectorized" *.eps file please? I did not have any color gradient or transparent alpha.

    Thanks man,

  • HaritzHaritz Teespring Team
    Hi @Zola Here is what the graphic designer told me about how this can be fixed:
    1. In Illustrator Using select tool, select all objects and Copy
    2. In photoshop setup an a3 document (RGB) and Paste as a Smart Object (edited)
    3. Delete the background layer and make a selection of the image layer
    4. Image > Size > 32cm wide | 300dpi
    5. Save as PNG
    Let me know if this works!
  • I am also facing same problem....

  • Hi @Jabed
    You may check it again. Sometimes interrupted connection occurs error. 
  • Same issue. using inkscape .eps file.  Not uploading. help!
  • Chassity HernandezChassity Hernandez Teespring Team
    So sorry about the trouble!

    I would suggest using a PNG file.

    Take a look at our design best practices page to learn more :)


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