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Campaign Error - An unknown error occurred (before Launch)

Hello! I received this message after I clicked on Launch (one time yesterday - with a design and twice today - with two designs). 
All the designs I used are made by myself.
I find out about the 100 design limit and I know that after I sell 10 units I can launch unlimited campaigns.

In my case I for sure don't have 100 designs available (active / ended / archived), but I didn't sell 10 units yet.

I just wanted to add 3 or 4 more designs to my store (with more apparels per design) in order to be pleased with how my store looks and with all the products that I have there and then I could concentrate 100% on marketing / selling.

Can you tell me why I cannot add more Campaigns to my Store at this moment?

Thank you so much!


  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited July 2017
    Hey @Hustle_AM - if you have reached the 100 campaign limit you will need to create a new account. It seems like you may need to do more research on your target niche, check out Alison's tips for help getting your first few sales! If you think the error is occurring because of a tech issue, your design file may be too big. If you need to report a bug please contact [email protected] 
  • Thanks a lot Kate! I actually was planning that, but I have one more question. I know you can help me. 

    If I will delete this account and make another one, can I add some of the designs that I already use here (but without selling one yet), but on less products, on the new account?  Is it possible?  

    For example I used a design here on 10 products, lets say. Now I want to use the same design on my new account, but only on 2 or 3 products maximum. I plan to do this in order to have more designs available. (the design is made by me in Photoshop) Is it possible?  Thank you so much in advance!  :smile:
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey @Hustle_AM - I don't think the 100 limit applies to products, just campaigns. So you should be able to create as many products as you like within a campaign. ;) If the designs are yours then I don't think you should have an issue uploading them again. 
  • Hi there, I’m having the same issue as @Hustle_AM however I have never made a design before. As I go to launch my first it just says campaign error and doesn’t let me launch it. Any ideas? :) 
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    edited June 14
    Hey @SaltyPanda - it could be that your design resolution is too low. Learn more here:
    Design File Tips
    Apparel Launcher 
    Product Launcher

    If your design resolution is correct and you keep seeing the error message please notify [email protected] - it could be a bug. 
  • Hi, i was wondering if having seven campaigns have to do with that error. Thank You!
  • Kate ShoafKate Shoaf Teespring Team
    Hey @Roberto Pino - can you please reach out to [email protected] and our support team will take a look!
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Howdy, Stranger!

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!