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Launcher Issues

edited October 16 in Discussion
So I have installed chrome like it was recommended many times before but I am still having issues with the new launcher.

- No option to manually edit dimensions like the old system, everything is click and drag. This is a pain in the butt for anyone who wants to make EXACT scale changes. Even on the same product, scaling 2 images on the front and back of a mug...sure i can get "Close Enough" but that's not professional.
There used to be an option to click on the Dimensions box and type it in, PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

- Horizontal and Vertical snaps kick in automatically. Sometimes you want the design off center by a few inches but the damn auto center keeps kicking in, this makes designing in the new launcher take forever!  [Needs to be buttons for Center Vertical & Horizontal]

- Printable area bounding box seems to have turned off completely as of this post. (EDIT: Anything less than 100% Zoom in chrome turns off Printable area...)

- Upload/Finalizing takes FOREVER and errors out 7/10 times.

- When uploading different designs in multiple tabs like we were told we could do, if one design errors out on finalizing it refreshes the page to try and bring you back to that design but loads a design from one of the other open tabs. You can't go back or refresh, it just keeps loading the wrong design. Now I have to re-do the 19 products that already took 45 min to scale and place the way I wanted on each Item :/

- Please Please Please tell us what Colours are available in the UK/EU vs US...if this list is available somewhere, please tell me.


  • Thank you so much for your feed back - it will certainly be passed along to the Team.

    These are issues we are aware of and are working on fixing - so sorry! 

    Don't forget you can open a new tab and continue launching while you wait. We're looking into a solution for the load time right now. 

    If you need assitance with anything you are more than welcome to send over a live chat to our Seller Support Team. 

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Howdy, Stranger!

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!