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Please give the option to continue using the Old Launcher

The new one is not ready for prime time. I'm not just complaining. I don't mind change. Especially change for the better.

But I've just launched a new store for a LARGE business. For many reasons, I convinced them to use Teespring. Now, I'm thinking I have to reconsider and switch to another provider (UGH!!).   I *just* finished launching 100 products and setting everything up. Then as we're in discussions about marketing and tidying up, they changed the launcher.

So, the bugs and workflow processes are fresh in my mind.

As a few design mistakes were found, I had to upload new versions (after they turned on the new launcher) and here's what I found:
  • It is SLOW. I mean really slow. The production workflow hit is about 30% slower. The main reason is the decision to try to upsell *the user* to use every piece of artwork on various other products.  I've already chosen the products I wanted to use, in the beginning of the process. Now, I have to wait while the progress bar spins, as the system takes each and every piece of artwork I upload and puts it on socks, and mugs, and leggings, etc, etc, etc.  JUST for me to chose "no". Like I said, I've already chosen what products I wanted to use! This right here would make me suggest using another service (for a client with 25 million subscribers.) We don't have a month to upload 40 pieces of artwork like this...
  • The MOCKUP is so different! The new products do. not. fit. with the other 90 I just finished putting up. The are smaller. Blurrier. The print area is way down on the shirt. AND they have a light grey background?!? It's completely different from everything else in the store and it looks terribly unprofessional.
  • No HTML or text formatting in the main launcher description box. No text formatting (bold?). No links. Nothing! You can reopen the listing again after launch, and change text formatting (yay bold) but still not website links... the button does nothing.
  • I manage several stores for clients (on of the main reasons I like TS) but as I'm putting up the new products, the only choices the pulldown menu gives me to "add to storefront" are my own, personal, stores?!? While I'm logged into a clients as a manager??

I'm sure there are some great additions and improvements and I have faith TS will eventually get this right and it will be spot on, but this is not it.

I actually have to have a facetime meeting with the clients today and we have to decide whether or not to push back the official launch, and rebuild on another platform, as these will become MAJOR problems in the future with new artwork.

After convincing a board that teespring was the way to go, I have to go back on my professional opinion on what service to use. Almost every reason they, eventually, chose TS was just thrown out the window yesterday..


  • Ok. I understand by other comments, that the old was is gone. In the spirit of moving forward: Can any of these features or bugs be addressed?
  • Chassity HernandezChassity Hernandez Teespring Team
    We certainly hear you and are working hard to make sure all bugs and delays with launching are getting taken care of. 

    You are more than welcome to email our Seller Team with any additional tech issue you are having - [email protected] 

    You can also live chat the seller team here by clicking on the little pink bubble to the bottom right corner - https://teespring.com/design-launcher
  • Thank you for the response. I will do both of those suggestions. Best
  • Chassity HernandezChassity Hernandez Teespring Team
    You're more than welcome! 

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Howdy, Stranger!

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!